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At the heart of The SpongeBob Inclusical is a story about two unlikely BFFs. This story of friendship is retold in the journeys and camaraderie of the 23 pairs of castmates that took the stage in our debut Inclusical. This was a heartwarming show with an upbeat score written by the biggest names in pop, rock and musical theatre - John Legend, David Bowie, Cyndi Lauper, Panic! at the Disco, Sarah Bareilles, Aerosmith and the list goes on!

2022 CAST

SpongeBob SquarePants: Ruby Alford & Gabe Harari

Patrick Star: Mark Polonsky & Netanel Morris

Sandy Cheeks: Scarlett Flynn & Sophie Bass

Eugene H Krabs: Devin Goralsky

Foley Krab: Asher Stanton

Pearl Krabs: Rebecca Abramowitch & Alice Johnston

Squidward Q Tentacles: Zac Chester & Hillel Solomon

Sheldon J Plankton: Benji Kalkopf & Harry Stott

Karen the Computer: Zoe Better & Sarah Winthrope

Electric Skates: Sara Saffer, Kahli Anquetil, Nineveh Dewhurst, Jasmine Shaw, Kirsten Tsan

Krabby Patty Fish: Danni Miller

Perch Perkins: Mark J Rintoull & Charlie Wrublewski

Gary the Snail: YiJie Neo & Samantha Gabriel

French Narrator: Connor Wilson & Judah Slonim

Larry the Lobster: Jarod Rhine-Davis & Ryan Wilson

Buster Bluetang (Dance Captain): Gabrielle Green

Mayor: Cheryl Plaut & Yael Welis

Mrs Puff: Tamara Stanton & Tamsi Eintracht

Old Man Jenkins: Noah Rubin & Gilbert Esse

Patchy the Pirate: Brendan Saffer & Harley Rose

Security Guard 1: Sherelle Pizmony & Adon Skaltsis

Security Guard 2: Ciara Wilson & Daliya Shaw

Johnny the Bartender: Shira Saffer & Cheyenne Burnell

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