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In August 2023, Stars and the Moon performed School of Rock: The Inclusical. An empowering musical adaptation of the beloved movie is brought to life with electrifying performances, infectious music and a heartwarming story that celebrates the transformative power of music. We rocked out as Dewey Finn, an exuberant guitarist, poses as a substitute teacher and introduces his talented students to the world of rock ‘n’ roll, leading them on a path to self-discovery and a shot at redemption in a thrilling Battle of the Bands.

2023 CAST

Dewey Finn: Benji Kalkopf & Mark Polonsky

Rosalie Mullins: Cheryl Plaut & Georgia Harrison

Mr Rose: Zac Chester

Ned Schneebly: Joseph Falwell & Gabe Harari

Patty Di Marcho: Nineveh Dewhurst & Ella Dunne Riseley

Zac Mooneyham (Electric Guitar): Devin Goralsky & Cameron Miller

Kade/Katie Travis (Bass): Kade Groves & Sura Cohen

Lawrence Turner (Keys): Benji Arndt & Gilbert Esse

Freddy Hamilton (Drums): Aiden Patrzalek & Brendan Saffer

Summer Hathaway: Ellie Goldenberg & Kahli Anquetil-Kneale

Tomika Spencer-Williams: Ruby Alford & Tamara Stanton

Billy Sandford: Noah Rubin & Asher Stanton

Marcy: Cameron Elbaum

Emma: Tahli McLean

James/Stanley: Aaron Adelman & Netanel Morris (Mr Sanford)

Madison: Ariella Shafner

Chloe: Zoe Better

Kelsey/Emo Girl: Amelie Barham

Amber/Emo Girl: Michaela Sacko

Student Ensemble/Emo Girls: Alice Johnston, Charlie Wrublewski, Cheyenne Burnell, Mia Penso, Sarah Winthrope & Samantha Gabriel

Mr Hamilton/Gabe Brown: Mark J Rintoull (Theo) & Tal Ellinson (Doug)

Mrs Green/Snake: Shira Saffer (Mrs Williams) & Claudia Nanovich (Mrs Spencer)

Parent/Mrs Sheinkopf: Jodi Sanders & Ebony May

Parent/Mr Jones/Security Guard: Shai Gross & Bailey Layton

Parent/Mrs Gordon: Lyndall Peachman & Tamsi Eintracht

Mr Ward/Mr Noble/Jeff Sanderson/Policeman: Ryan Wilson & Conor Wilson

Mr/s Travis/Mr/s Bingham: Ryan Wilson & Nicky Retman

Mrs Turner/Mrs McDonald: Danni Miller, Ciara Wilson (Mrs Hathaway/Policewoman) & Ella Bergman

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