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Our Purpose

How we began

The theatrical experience bears a unique unnameable magic. Perhaps it is the way it unites diverse individuals, perhaps it is the breathless moment of fear before the curtain rises, or the immense self-pride during the final bows. 

I may not know what draws me back every time to the stage, but I am eternally grateful for the liturgy of life skills it has endowed me. 

One of my favourite theatrical experiences is performing in community theatre with my cousin, Zac, who lives with down syndrome. We both love the stage, yet there are markedly fewer opportunities for him. In founding Stars and the Moon, my dream was to create a theatrical experience that allows performers like Zac and myself to share the spotlight, shining equally on stage, as bright as the stars and the moon.

Eitan Meyerowitz, Founder

Our Mission

we're passionate about making inclusive theatre 

To create opportunities for connection and artistic expression both on and off the stage in a way that reflects and harnesses the diverse abilities of our community. 

Our mission
Our difference

Our Difference

we're different from other organisations in this space

Unlike other similar organisations, our shows feature a blended cast across the spectrum of ability supporting each other to tell authentic stories.

Our values

Our Values

the stuff we care about


Life-long friendships and making an impact on the wider community.


Outstanding shows designed, produced and performed to industry standard.


A culture of accessibility, fairness and celebrating what makes us unique.


Individuality, imagination and self expression on and off stage.

Our name

Our name

Stars and the Moon

The awesomeness of the night sky is owing to the combined beauty of the stars and the moon. So too, our shows are spectacular because of our performers shining bright, proud and brilliant each in their own unique way, illuminating the stage together.

Our name is inspired by the Jason Robert Brown song “Stars and the Moon,” from his Musical, Songs for a New World. We think this song and this name fits our organisation for so many reasons! Have a listen and see if you can figure out why!

"I'll give you stars and the moon and a soul to guide you And a promise I'll never go I'll give you hope to bring out all the life inside you. And the strength that will help you grow"

Jason Robert Brown,

Stars and the Moon

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