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All abilities theatre

Stars and the Moon

Stars and the Moon (or STaM for short) is a Melbourne-based theatre group creating life changing opportunities for people with and without disabilities.

We create moving, professional theatre through, not despite, our diversity.


Become a Participant

The "Stars and the Moon" all abilities inclusive musical theatre program is seeking enthusiastic and dedicated individuals to join our cast as participants. As a participant, you will have the opportunity to be a fully included and valued member of our community, and to contribute your unique abilities and talents to the production.

Become a Buddy

The "Stars and the Moon" all abilities inclusive musical theatre program is seeking enthusiastic and dedicated individuals to join our cast as buddies. As a buddy, you will have the opportunity to support and assist a participant with disabilities, and to be an integral part of a welcoming and inclusive theatre community.

Castmateship: Our point of difference

Castmates are a pair of performers who support each other throughout the production journey.

Castmateship is a concept pioneered by STaM. It empowers performers to consider and attend to each other's needs during rehearsals, maximally showcase their talent and build long-lasting friendships.

On stage, it helps us tell authentic stories and achieve the polished product our audiences acclaim. Off stage it means we all have a blast!



What the STAM Community says:

"Our daughter has overcome a lack of confidence to sing out strong and been motivated to learn dance steps that have pushed her physical capabilities. As her parents, we know that such significant leaps are not easily achieved in traditional therapy or learning settings, and can see that the combination of friendship,  genuine inclusion and a shared challenging goal with her castmates is a magical combination that ticks so many of her personal (and NDIS) goals." 

- Parent

"Working with Stars and the Moon is one of the most wonderful experiences I have had in my life so far.  Working in an actual theatre is better than in a small theatre back at my high school.

The cast and crew are such great people, very friendly and kind... This will be a time I will never forget."

- Performer

"Being involved with Stars and the Moon has been an extraordinarily meaningful journey for our son...

 He has delighted in the camaraderie of the rehearsals, enjoyed new friendships; his eyes shine, and he is engaged and alive whenever he has contact with the Stars and the Moon team." 

- Parent

"There have been so many great memories made throughout this process and so many life lessons that I and others have learnt…

I feel honoured to have met each and every one of my castmates and to have had the privilege of learning from the STaM team. I have come out of this experience not only practicing my craft and learning new skills, but also with life long friends."

- Performer

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