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Our Team

School Of Rock Production Team


Eitan Meyerowitz 

Artistic Director

Alex Miller

Production Manager

Annie Halliday

Company Cast Manager 

Rivka Measey

Inclusion Director

Eitan Schachna


Michaela Raitman

Buddy Wellbeing Officer

Kate Lustig

Inclusion Officers

Sasha Klein

Dovi Schachna

Mia Penso

Zac Tuttle

Faye Seleznev

Music Director

Charlotte Greenslade

Stage Manager

Lowana Van Dorssen

Assistant Stage Manager

Ari Mosberg

Assistant Directors

Nicole Rammesh

Tari Miller

Assistant Artistic Director

Laura Evans 

Assistant Production Manager

Poppy Gordon

Lighting Designer 

Max Woods

Instrument Coach

Angus McKean

Vocal Coach

Kiria Clemans

Stars and the Moon Committee


Eitan Meyerowitz


Vice President

Michaela Raitman


Eli Boroda


Charlotte Greenslade

Fundraising Officer

Joey Wilkinson


Marketing and Communications Officer

Steven Lustig

Events Manager

Ruby Alford

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