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Information for performers

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Not sure if you can commit? Grab a coffee with us and we can help you figure it out!


our unique casting model


Castmates are pairs or trios of performers who are matched during casting, to support each other throughout the production journey. Castmates can belong to the same ensemble, share a single role, or play separate roles in the show. 

Castmateship is a concept pioneered by Stars and the Moon. It empowers castmates to consider and attend to each other's needs during rehearsals, maximally showcase their talent and build long-lasting friendships.

Things castmates can help each other with:

🧽 Learning and practising choreography, lines, blocking and lyrics

🧽 Making friends

🧽 Getting in and out of costume

Things castmates are not expected to help each other with:

❌ Medical issues

❌ Personal care

❌ Behavioral issues

These sorts of things will be handled by the production team and inclusion team.


We are looking for cast members who are passionate about making an impact.  We provide disability support training to all our cast members so previous experience in this sector is not necessary.

Performers with a disability

Stars and the Moon is all about bringing out the best in everyone. Sometimes that means adapting the way things are ‘typically’ done to suit the needs of our performers. During casting, performers and their families meet with the production team to discuss their unique requirements and plan for an accessible, enjoyable rehearsal process.

We also have an inclusion team of dedicated volunteer support workers who attend rehearsals to keep everybody safe and happy.

How old do I have to be to audition?

The minimum age requirement for being in this show is 15 years and over.

What is the commitment like?

STaM expects all auditionees to carefully review the production schedule.

By accepting a role in the cast you will be:

🧽 Committing to attending a majority* of the rehearsals you are required at

🧽 Acknowledging that you are available for every rehearsal in production week

🧽 Acknowledging that you are available for all four performance dates

*If you know in advance that you cannot attend a rehearsal date, it is an expectation that you let us know when signing up for your audition or as early as possible so that we may take this into account when creating your rehearsal schedule.

Key dates

Auditions: April 18 – May 1

Rehearsals: July 3 – September 11

Production week: September 12 – 17

Performances: September 18, 19, 20, 21

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